TDR2000 MOD!! (Total Conversion???)

Back to Carma modding and I’m working on a TDR2000 mod, just like the unfinished PSX mod this will hopefully be a complete total conversion of all TDR2000 maps, vehicles, races and (I will attempt) missions.

This one I will hope to complete as the process of getting TDR2000 content out of the game and into C2 si a lot easier than getting content out of a Playstation game.

I’ve already began work and a thread is up at CWA for the mod, will update here occasionally with what is going on..


C22C2.html Updated

I’ve finally got around to updating the C2 remake list (C22C2.html) and added Pip’s following remakes:
Twister 2
Tashita 2
Slam Sedan
Mad Morris
Monster Beetle

Either follow the conversions link up in the navbar or click here.

Visit My Gaming Shelf

I’ve turned the EvilGamerZ Gaming News site into a personal website for myself called Razor’s Game Shelf, it will still function in a very similar way as before, providing news on the latest games and game deals but I’ll also be expanding by adding my own articles about retro games.

I’ll also be doing all new videos on retro consoles and retro games.

So be a lad and check out the site here: [link]

Converions list updated

C22C2.html has been updated with the Mach13 Remake.

[Release] Mach13 Remake

Mach13 Remake

Original Model by Econobrick
Modified by Razor

This car is an edit of Econobrick’s Mach 5, it will work alongside the Mach 5 so there’s no need to worry about it overwriting anything.


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-Car Menu Image
-Shrapnel Colours


-None as far as I can tell, do let me know if you find anything.

Everyone at #carmageddon
Stainless for making the Carmageddon series and for their insanity
Econobrick for permission to release this

–Contact me–
My email address: aod-razor(at)


Download here. | @Wasted! | ~192KB

Mach 13 Remake progress

Hasn’t been mentioned here yet but I’ve been working on a remake of the Mach 13 based on Econobrick’s Mach 5, here it is:

And here’s the CWA thread about it:

Just about to continue with this and get it complete within the next hour.

Alpha Eagle 3 invades C1!

Toshiba has made a brilliant port of the Alpha Eagle 3 to C1, looks like the bees knees AND the dogs bollocks.

Sexy, no?

Grab it at the downloads page, here! And here! AND HERE!

Make sure you scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Conversions updated

Pip The Pest’s Purple Piledriver and Blood Riviera remakes have been added to the C2 remakes list under the Conversions page, check the updated list here.

[Release] Eagle Mk. 3 Alpha

Eagle Mk.3 Alpha

(Pre)Alpha version of the Eagle Mk.3

Model and textures by Stainless
Setup, recreated textures and release by Razor

This is the (Pre)Alpha version of the Eagle 3, it can be seen in the Preview screenshots for Carmageddon 2.
This model of the Eagle 3 pre-dates beta versions of Carmageddon 2 and ChevyII’s ‘C2 Alpha’.
It was found in ChevyII’s ‘C2 Alpha’ in the data/models folder, I believe it exists in the beta/demo versions of C2.


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT

IMPORTANT: This should be used as a replacement to the Eagle 3,
it should be fine to use it as a separate car from the Eagle 3 but it may cause texture problems as this Alpha Eagle 3 shares
the same texture names as the final version of the Eagle 3.

No biggie though.


-Max driver model
-Env-mapped windows
-Smashable front and rear lights
-Reworked high-res versions of the original textures
-Car Menu Image


-It’s difficult to see out of the cockpit due to the bonnet being so high

Everyone at #carmageddon
Stainless for making the Carmageddon series and for their insanity.
Errol for fixing problems with the model to get it to work correctly ingame.
Toshiba-3 for his continued help and support.
Twiglet for #carmacraft which I’ve been able to sink a few hours into.


Download here. | @Wasted! | ~143KB

Alpha Eagle 3 is almost complete

I’ve been back to work on the Alpha Eagle 3 for a few days now and it’s almost done, I’ve posted my progress over on the CWABoard, so take a look at that.

Here’s the most recent image of the vehicle.