Flashfire – The long lost Stainless Hot Wheels car!

FlashFire – The Stainless Mattel Car

17 years ago, during the late development of Carmageddon 2 Stainless decided to create a few quick items for the game in order to pitch an idea to Mattel in the hopes that they would be able to create a licensed Hot Wheels game with them, to cut a long story short Mattel weren’t having any of it and said no and that was that but what about these goodies that Stainless made for the pitch?

Well Errol released one of them back in the day, a track by the name of Hotroom which sees a Hot Wheels track set up around various parts of a house and the other is what I am releasing now. This vehicle has sat dormant on hard drives of Errol’s for the past 16 or so years until he decided to share his goodies and in one of the folders that contained various MAX scenes for C2 reference vehicles, peds and a bunch of scenes for another game idea Stainless were working on was a simple little car named Mattel1, that is this car!

It is based on the Hot Wheels toy car FlashFire and was created by Stainless back in ’98 for this pitch to Mattel, it was pretty much feature complete including driver model and detachables, I have textured it based on a 2001 release of the toy and set it all up and am releasing it right now, I have tried to make it as close to a vanilla C2 vehicle as possible so it should blend right in!



Flashfire – The Stainless Mattel Car


Original Model by Stainless Software

Everything else by Razor

This car was created by Stainless back in 1998 alongside ‘Hotroom’ as part of their pitch to Mattel to create a Hot Wheels game, it has been laying dormant on hard drives of Errol’s until now! He shared a bunch of in-dev goodies and a model of this Mattel car was in there!

It was just a model but contained everything a C2 car should, it just needed completing!

I textured it based on the real toy car ‘Flashfire’ (a 2001 issue of the toy) that the vehicle was modelled after, set it all up and am releasing it to the world! AT LAST!

I have tried to make this car as close to the default C2 lineup as possible, it is feature complete and should fit right in with the rest of the vehicles in the vanilla game, even the textures are in blurry 1998 fashion!!


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-SHELL model
-Car Menu Image
-Shrapnel Colours
-Multiple bounding boxes
-Fire points
-Proper wheel positioning for skidmarks
-Camera positioning


-Windows can be a bit glitchy at times

Errol – for sharing this goodness
Toshiba-3 – For always being a helpful hand
#Carmageddon IRC


–Contact me-

My email address: razor@retrogameshelf.com

Download the vehicle by clicking the link below!
[Flashfire.zip ~133kb]

Remember, this vehicle is best used in it’s home, Hotroom!!


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