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Converions list updated »

C22C2.html has been updated with the Mach13 Remake.

[Release] Mach13 Remake »

Mach13 Remake — — Original Model by Econobrick Modified by Razor — This car is an edit of Econobrick’s Mach 5, it will work alongside the Mach 5 so there’s no need to worry about it overwriting anything. –Installing– Install it as you would any other C2 car. Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your […]

Mach 13 Remake progress »

Hasn’t been mentioned here yet but I’ve been working on a remake of the Mach 13 based on Econobrick’s Mach 5, here it is: And here’s the CWA thread about it: Just about to continue with this and get it complete within the next hour.

Alpha Eagle 3 invades C1! »

Toshiba has made a brilliant port of the Alpha Eagle 3 to C1, looks like the bees knees AND the dogs bollocks. LOOK! Sexy, no? Grab it at the downloads page, here! And here! AND HERE! Make sure you scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Conversions updated »

Pip The Pest’s Purple Piledriver and Blood Riviera remakes have been added to the C2 remakes list under the Conversions page, check the updated list here.

[Release] Eagle Mk. 3 Alpha »

Eagle Mk.3 Alpha (Pre)Alpha version of the Eagle Mk.3 — — Model and textures by Stainless Setup, recreated textures and release by Razor — This is the (Pre)Alpha version of the Eagle 3, it can be seen in the Preview screenshots for Carmageddon 2. This model of the Eagle 3 pre-dates beta versions of Carmageddon […]

Alpha Eagle 3 is almost complete »

I’ve been back to work on the Alpha Eagle 3 for a few days now and it’s almost done, I’ve posted my progress over on the CWABoard, so take a look at that. Here’s the most recent image of the vehicle.

EvilGamerZ Gaming News and Reviews »

I haven’t been working on anything Carmageddon related recently because I’m busy with, I post up-to-date gaming news, PC gaming deals and I also review games. So yeah, that is what is taking up all of my time. Progress on the Carma2PSX mod will still continue when it’s ready to be continued. If you […]

The best and worst of 2011 | PC »

Well it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve just played about an hour of Postal 3 and it angered me so much that I thought I’d compile a short list of all of the shit that has been released this year and the reasons for why said shit is shit. The Worst: 1. […]

EvilGamerZ Chrome/Chromium app »

This little extension is a direct link to the EvilGamerZ messageboard, it acts like most other apps and sits around waiting for you to give it a click. 😉 Download here You must right-click and ‘save link as…’ or it won’t download. Tata!